| Insurance Law
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Insurance Law

Legal Services

Insurance Law

Services in the sphere of insurance law in an area that is relatively new and specific for Bulgarian reality – the insurance and provision of credit risk.

This area of insurance law addresses offering services exclusively to business in the sale of goods on deferred payment.

Representation is provided to insurance companies before the Financial Supervision Commission of the Republic of Bulgaria.

We offer legal services for protection of receivables on the local and foreign markets against risk of losses due to insolvency or prolonged non-payment for economic or political reasons.

The legal assistance includes representation both before and after the execution of insurance agreement.

Comprehensive legal assistance in case of occurrence of an insurance event.

Provision of services to the insurer and the insured in order to prevent or limit the damages prior to entering into the rights of the insured and the payment of the compensation under the insurance policy.

We do all the things in a great way.